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What's new?

Now, in addition to movies, Recommendz can handle news sites, blogs, and podcasts! Just click on the newspaper at the top, or choose from the list labeled "What are you interested in?"

What is Recommendz?

Recommendz is an experimental recommendation system. It collects information on stuff you like, and then uses that information to automatically recommend other stuff it thinks you will like. It's a research project in active development at the McGill University Mobile Robotics Lab.

How does it work?

If you have a friend that likes the same things that you like, then you're likely to trust him when he or she recommends something new to you. Recommendz exploits this principle. It internally matches you with other users with similar tastes, and recommends to you the things that they like. So with Recommendz, you don't have to depend on reviews from people who aren't like you.

The system is open to everyone, but you need to have an account. There is no charge.

We now can give context dependent recommendations! For more information on this, see the video tutorial.